Are Your Finances Protected?

Nobody likes to think something bad will happen to them, but planning for unforseen circumstances is an essential part of your long-term financial plan.

How long could you cope without your income? How would you pay the mortgage? How much would it cost to replace everything you do for your family?

To give yourself financial protection against the consequences of sickness or injury, it pays to consider your risk protection options. Some of the types of cover you should consider include:

  • Mortgage protection 
  • Income Protection 
  • Life 
  • Trauma 
  • Key Person
  • Health

Covering your risk is in your best interest. As a valued client of Loan Market, you also have access to a professional Risk Adviser.

Simply click on the link for Risk Cover in the right hand menu of your The Insider email, and a professional Risk Adviser will contact you to arrange an appointment.