Autumn trends for your Home


Autumn is renowned for its spectacular foliage and this season there’s a harvest of decor designs which will add their beauty to rooms long after the season ends.

The trend for botanical designs has resulted in a beautiful array of prints and patterns featuring leaves and foliage.  They range from dramatic large-scale branches and woodland forests, through to dainty leaves.

A common theme prevails, of a love of nature and a desire to bring the freedom and freshness of the great outdoors into the home.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and scale, as even the most over-sized design can be accommodated, by pairing it with a plain or textured finish in the rest of the room.

Falling leaves may mean extra work in the garden, but if you celebrate their form and rich colour indoors they’ll bring rooms to life.  Tree and leaf motifs are a key feature in pattern and print and range from the traditional and botanically accurate to interpretations which fully exploit innovative digital techniques, and give a fresh, chic effect.

This look is perfectly in tune with our desire for a natural, organic approach to interiors. Woodland designs are particularly well complemented by earthy palettes, such as cream, charcoal and mushroom, and can be made luxurious with shades of gold.  It can even work well with stronger tones of damson and mustard through to fashionable strong blues.

The great outdoors has an abundance of textures and tones, many of which make great additions to homes. Natural materials from wood to stone, bring interest and variety into rooms, and are perfectly complemented by bold, graphic motifs of leaves in bright shades for a modern, rustic look, where texture and pared-back design triumph.

Delicate foliage, paired with a fresh green and crisp white palette, creates a scheme which truly, yet gracefully, brings nature indoors. This style is well suited to kitchen or dining areas.

Bold feature wallpapers can be used on one wall, or smaller patterns can be used on all four.  A leaf print sofa can act as a gorgeous focal point to a room when teamed with plain curtains, or you could use a blind in a foliage print and combine it with textured curtains. The same applies to colours don’t shy away from the vibrant shades as they can make a real statement, but do complement them with softer, toning shades.

Happy decorating!


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