Be Prepared When Budgeting for a New Home

Thinking of buying a home? There are a number of extra costs you may not have budgeted for. A good budget is an essential component of financial freedom and can be the key to finally realising the purchase of your first home.

Find out what is in a good budget and get assistance with planning your own budget. That way you can be prepared and find the best possible prices.

1) Set Your Goals

One of the most frequently asked question when buying a home is ‘how much can I borrow?’.  A borrowing calculator will help you determine your borrowing capacity based on your current income and expenses.

As a general rule your mortgage repayments should not exceed 30 per cent of your gross income, leaving some money on the side to budget for smaller things (refer to point 3). See our borrowing power calculator to help identify how much you can borrow.

Tip: Bear in mind any existing debt will reduce the amount you can borrow on your loan. Speak to a Loan Market mortgage broker about debt consolidation- and roll small debt such as credit and store cards and personal loand into one easy to manage home loan.

2) Do your homework

To get the best possible home loan for your finance needs at the right price, you must do your homework. You can make things easier for yourself and speak to an expert mortgage broker who can help negotiate the right loan for your finance needs.

Tip: Loan Market mortgage brokers have access to a wide panel of over 800 competitive loan products from a panel of 30 secure lenders and banks to help you secure the best home loan product for your finance needs.

3) Budget for the little things

When you make a list there is nothing worse than feeling like you forgotten something, not only is it likely that you really have forgotten something, it negates the use of the checklist because you feel as though you can’t rely on it. Instead take the time to make a detailed checklist for every stage of your first home buyer experience so you don’t forget any important steps and you can relax knowing that your process is carefully mapped out.

Tip:Budget in for the small things like removalists and home and contents insurance. Check our list of little things below:

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