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Looking for information about your borrowing power, loan repayments or stamp duty costs? We have a selection of handy home loan calculator or mortgage calculators available to help you on your way.

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Note: The results from these home loan calculators should be used as an indication only. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a home loan. Individual institutions apply different lending criteria and it is advised that you consult your financial adviser before taking out a home loan or mortgage.

Handy Hints

Here are some quick tips on getting all the facts before you choose a Home Loan. For more personalised advice that suits your specific needs and financial situation talk to your local Loan Market broker today by contacting 0508 722 205 (+64 9 526 0122) or complete the above form and we will contact you!

  • Mortgage repayment calculators – compare principal & interest to interest only repayments. Many lenders in Australia offer an interest only option for the initial years of the loan.Extra Mortgage Repayments calculator – have a look at the effect of making extra repayments earlier in the loan compared to later in the loan. The interest savings on the home loan are significant.
  • Splitting your home loan between fixed and variable is a good way to combine repayment certainty with flexibility. Use our Split Home Loan Mortgage Calculator to test some scenarios.
  • Use the Mortgage Repayment Calculator to increase the frequency you repay your home loan from monthly to fortnightly and see the interest savings you can make.
  • If you are buying a property in another state of Australia – make sure you use the Stamp Duty mortgage calculator to check fees and duties as they can vary significantly.
  • When using the repayment mortgage calculator, trial different loan terms such as 20, 25 or 30 years and look at the changes in interest paid.
  • The Lump Sum Mortgage Calculator is a great tool to model interest savings from depositing a bonus or tax refund on to your home loan.
  • Find out how reducing your credit card limit improves your borrowing capacity using the How Much Can I Borrow Calculator.
  • The Compare Two Home Loans Mortgage Calculator will allow you to compare an introductory rate to a basic variable rate to assess which loan will provide longer term savings.