Five Powerful Foods

When foremost Nutritionist Lola Berry and the face of Spirituality for today’s generation Spiritual Teacher Todd Savvas got together to share their passion for nutrition and spirituality it was no surprise that they found out some amazing and interesting facts to breathe new life into your food, life, and soul. Todd and Lola felt it necessary then to bring you some potentially little known but powerful info on 5 common cupboard and fridge ingredients.

Todd says:

When we act with intent, our lives instantly become purposeful – from each and every action, down to each and every breath. If you focus consciously on breathing each breath with intent and knowledge (try it now) that as you do so it will fill your lungs with the oxygen necessary you instantly feel more present and energised. The same principle applies to food, if you eat specific foods with the intent that it will mean certain things for you, it will add a whole new dimension to your life.

Lola says:

What you eat has a huge impact on your mind, body and soul. If you eat feral junk food, pretty soon you’ll feel feral. We all live crazy, busy, fast paced lives and we often don’t have time to think about what we’re eating. Being healthy is often put into the too hard basket. I’m here to tell you, it’s not as boring as you might think. It’s time to put the heart back into food. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new recipe or taste a food you’ve never been game enough to try. You never know, you might just end up loving that new flavour! I hope these interesting facts about food will inspire you to give them a whirl next time you’re in the kitchen!


Todd’s Take: In ancient Egypt onions were well known for absorbing illness and impurities, in fact Egyptians held onions when they swore oaths. A popular old wives tale which is still used now is to wrap an onion in a black material bag and place it under the bed of an ill person and it is believed to absorb fevers and sickness. Onions are associated with Fire element, so are connected with burning away all old energies to encourage newness.

Lola’s Take: There are over 300 different types of onions! These guys have pretty powerful antiseptic properties plus they promote beneficial bacteria growth in our intestines. When we’ve got a ripper supply of good bacteria going on, there’s no toxic build up, no constipation, and the immune system will be in tip-top shape! Here’s a crazy old folk remedy for onions; to treat nightmares keep a glass jar of chopped up onion next to your bed (with the lid on, of course), then if your woken by a bad dream open the jar and have a whiff, it’s said to work immediately! The smell along will be enough to scare anything away!


Todd’s info: Sage is known as THE powerful dispeller of negative energies. White sage has traditionally been taken infused as a tea to clear colds and flu’s in many cultures and burnt in dried incense forms for as long as incense has been burning. If you are after a great White sage incense brand, I recommend Kamini – White sage, it smells amazing as often times some end up smelling like a soapy noxious smoke, which may still dispel the negative energy but it might also cause you to evacuate the room. According to folklore all you need to do to become an immortal is take a little sage each day. Sage works in clearing the Throat Chakra which enables artistic expression, great for anyone wanting to clearly speak their truth and ignite their inner artisan. Sage is associated with the Air element so it evokes all things mental, new ideas, no concepts and communication.

Lola’s Take: Sage is a powerful herb, which is really effective when it comes to menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes! On top of that it’s said to improve memory and concentration. You can take it in herbal liquid form, tea and of course cook with it! There’s an old folk remedy involving this tip-top herb. To prevent hair loss you wash your hair in sage tea (let it cool down first!) every day!


Todd’s Take: Tomatoes have so many uses, would you believe that Europeans were first introduced to the red fruit as ‘Love apples’ as they were are linked with the planet Venus. The intense red colour is a promoter of positive chi, which can mean increase in wealth, love, and health. Tomato, being associated with Water element is great for evoking emotions.

Lola’s Take: If you cut a tomato in half, it looks a bit like a heart, it’s red and has left and right ventricles just like the heart! Turns out, it’s jam-packed full of this antioxidant called lycopene which is linked to protecting our cardiovascular system, so it’s a heart helper! This past Summer I’ve also realized that tomatoes are a great way to treat sunburn topically, just mush them all over the sunburnt skin to prevent peeling! It works a treat!


Todd’s Take: Garlic is such a popular item in peoples shopping cart, spiritually it is known as powerful remover of hexes and curses. It is most likely from this origin that the myth around it warding off vampires evolved, as it is highly protective of your internal organs and space around you. Many would rub pots and pans to dispel any negative energy locked in cooking utensils so it would not contaminate food. It is associated with Fire element, so is easy to see how it is used to burn away impurities, negative energy, germs and viruses.

Lola’s Take: I call garlic Mother Nature’s very own antibiotic, it’s pretty powerful stuff! The second I feel a cold or flu coming on I crush 4 cloves of raw garlic and chew them up! It seriously works! The key is in chewing them up as it releases all the active immune boosting components! They say you can even put a clove of garlic up your bum to treat worms. Be careful though, it burns!


Todd’s take: Blueberries are renowned for protection from Psychic attack; they encourage a peaceful and calm demeanour which is often the best protection against anyone wanting to project negative energy onto you. Clients often ask me what Psychic attack is, and what the symptoms are. Often times it is as simple as a headache out of nowhere, or nausea for no apparent reason. If it continues it can develop into depression and from that the body starts to attack itself and deteriorate. Blueberries are associated with the Earth element, so are naturally protective, grounding and nurturing.

Lola’s Take: These guys are probably my all time favourite food in the world (along with chillies)! They are a ripper source of antioxidants, and great for promoting glowing skin! You can even make a facial mask with crushed blueberries and mashed avo! Leave it on for 10 mins then wash off with luke-warm water for seriously glowing skin! Tip: if you’re going to be putting berries on your face, best to go for organic as they are often heavily sprayed! These guys are also pretty powerful brain protectors so load up on these little gems!!

*Source : Alchemical Properties of Foods by Dennis William Hauck

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