Fun, Quirky and Versatile Design

When it comes to the finishing touches for a room why not by-pass the glass vase option and create a unique collection of decorative objects instead.

Special objects that inspire, reflect your personality or inject a sense of quirky, curiosity for the viewer will be a rewarding and versatile way to complete your newly finished or re-vamped room.

Collections can comprise of just about anything, from the obvious like art or photos to the obscure like leaves or written letters.  Go for what appeals to you and use your particular décor style, favorite color or a shared theme guide your choices.

The secret of a successful collection relies on three things, size, variety and consistency. These are the keys to making your collection wow – in a good way.

When it comes to size, it doesn’t matter how big or small your pieces are so long as there is a pleasing increment in the sizes between them.

If your collection is made of completely different objects, great, you’ll have the variety box ticked. But be sure there is at least one common link between the items to balance variety with consistency.

You can do this by choosing several items that share a color theme. Otherwise look for pieces that have a similarity in height, size, shape or material.

Follow the golden rule of using uneven numbers when grouping objects. Whether you are planning to hang things on a wall, sit them on a surface or suspend them from the ceiling, uneven numbers are naturally more stimulating and pleasing to the eye.

So always use the one third rule, when you are working out how to arrange or place your group. Perhaps your one third is in the overall placement, a third of the way along a shelf. It could be those height increments we mentioned before or even by separating a large collection in to three groups on the same surface.

The time and care you put into creating your collection will shine through, no matter how casual the finished look may be.

So don’t worry about getting things right or wrong because the whole object of decorating with objects is – that it’s fun. So try out your ideas, play, change and enjoy it.

Alex Honey – Sterling Design

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