Happy Anniversary Insurance

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There are many annual events we look forward to planning and celebrating. Birthday parties, bringing in the New Year and anniversaries to celebrate finding someone special are some that come to mind.  We are happy to spend time on the planning, choosing amongst our options and usually have all the details sorted with some extra time to spare.

There are also some anniversaries that we don’t circle in bright colours on our calendars and often put as little planning and effort into the annual event as we can. For example, when was the last time you spent some time considering, planning and questioning your insurance policies?

Whilst not as glamorous as many other annual events, taking the time to review your insurance policies each year is important not only to make certain you are not paying to much but to ensure your various forms of cover are changing along with your needs.

Most of us have taken out multiple insurance policies for a variety of possessions but do not dedicate as much time as required once the initial policy selection is made. Home and contents, car, health and life insurance are policies we take out to cover the assets most valuable to us. As our personal situation and value of these assets can change over time, it is essential to review our options regularly to ensure that if we ever need to make a claim, we are covered as necessary.

Generally we all understand the importance of insurance and selecting and maintaining the right cover however life is busy and time often doesn’t allow for countless hours spent on researching our options. Comparing the various types of insurance on offer and factoring in your own needs can be daunting and very time consuming. This is where I can help. If you haven’t reviewed your insurance policies recently or are unsure if you are suitably covered contact me to discuss your options.

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