How to Relax and Enjoy Your Holiday

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The count down to the start of our Christmas holidays has well and truly begun. After a year of running around, meetings, planning and increasing productivity we deserve a break.

Heading to the family holiday cabin, an overseas trip or some time at home to catch up with family and friends sounds like just what you need but have you forgotten how to unwind and relax? We are all becoming more efficient and organised in order to fit everything into our busy lives however this can work against us when trying to relax on holidays. Here are my six top tips to help you unwind and enjoy your holidays so you can start the New Year fresh.

1. Set your out of office on your phone and email. You should also manage expectations with clients, customers and colleagues by advising them of your leave plans in advance so that you won’t feel pressure to respond during that time.

2. It’s still ok to plan but make it the fun stuff. The constant meetings, events and appointments can make you look forward to a few weeks with a clear calendar however having a few things planned over the holiday period can keep you active in a different area of your life and keep you from getting bored. Book in a lunch with your friends, plan an activity or organise a day trip so that you have a few things to look forward to.

3. Spoil yourself at least once. This will mean different things for different people however a bit of indulgence such as getting a massage, buying a dress not on the sale rack or ordering your favourite meal guilt free will do wonders.

4. Get the board games, video games, craft table, DVD’s and sports equipment on standby. Having some at home entertainment for the kids will give you some fun games to play together and also keep them busy when you need some precious you time minus the guilt. Organising some play dates and excursions with their friends is also a good idea and tick for tack suggests you should get some days off in return too.

5. Get enough sleep. This one can be particularly relevant for those travelling during the break. Having late nights out and early starts to “fit it all in” is draining and you don’t want to get back to the office feeling like you need a holiday.

6. Change your mindset. This is easier said than done however if you have moments where you feel like you should be doing more then remind yourself that vacations are not about the things you get done but about all the things you don’t have to do.

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