Introducing Economy Home Loans


In this edition I am excited to let you know about a new innovative and secure mortgage lender, Economy Home Loans. Whilst personal circumstances always need to be considered, Economy Home Loans provides some of the best value home loans on the New Zealand market today and offers great alternatives for first home buyers, refinancers and experienced property investors alike. The lenders range provides quality home loan alternatives for anyone who is tired of paying more than they need to for their money.

The products are also able to assist many self employed borrowers who have difficultly meeting the lending criteria for standard home loans. If you are self employed and have been for more than 18 months, an economy home loan may be suitable for you.

Home loan comparison is an essential element of the home loan acquisition process. You need to find a home loan that suits your lifestyle, budget and personal needs. Once you have a clear understanding of your home loan requirements you can figure out what you need your mortgage to be able to do for you including which extra’s you really need. Reviewing and considering each of the home loan’s features will help you determine which particular mortgage is going to suit your prerequisites.

For those of you without too much time on your hands, comparing a variety of home loans from various lenders may seem a little daunting. Whilst the launch of a new variety of products available may seem to create only additional homework, I can assist you in reviewing your existing, or finding you the most suitable, home loan for your individual needs.

Economy Home Loans products are made available exclusively through a professional team of qualified Loan Market Group mortgage brokers including myself. I have access to a range of home loan options from a panel of over 6 banks and secure mortgage lenders so I can review a full suite of home loan options for you to see just how your Economy Home Loan stacks up.

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