Prose By Any Other Name Would Sell as Sweet

It seems that bright colours and nonsensical catchphrases are no longer the real estate selling trump cards they once were.

In a throwback to a more elegant and interesting time, an estate agency in the UK has banned “meaningless jargon and clichés” and had its staff undertake a poetry course to bring more inspiration to their sales material, the UK Telegraph reported recently.

The agency has since featured poems, writing and haikus (a Japanese form of poetry) in listings and on their website.

The Telegraph reports that an oceanfront apartment, originally described as “spacious, high quality, and within short walking distance of local shops”, re-emerged as:

“The first thing you see is the sea meeting the sky; like old comrades they share a warm embrace. Coats of armour; the cornice lines up. Without feeling lonely, the room has an echo. Ornate surroundings, the fire begs a match.”