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Richard Piechazek

Mortgage Broker North Shore, Auckland City

Why speak to me rather than going directly to a bank?

Did you know I could save you thousands off your home loan in 10 minutes? Have you had financial health check recently, what would you lose by calling me? All my existing clients comment to me by saying: "Wow, Richard you demonstrate it in such an easy way that we can understand it and achieve our ultimate goal, thanks."

With in excess of 15 years experience within both the finance and property industries, I know how to get your loan approved. My core focus is you, and if you are looking for the following: 

  • Refinancing
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Construction Finance
  • Low Deposit Home Loans
  • Purchasing Investments Properties / Owner Occupied
  • Pre-Approvals to go to an Auction
  • Offshore/ Regional Clients
  • Vendors looking to sell (Wanting bridging loans)
  • Wanting to buy a Commercial building? (Commercial Loans)
  • Low Doc Loans for Self-Employed
  • Debt Consolidation - Covered by a top-up

My personal passion is the satisfaction that I could have helped you getting your desired loan, to fulfil your dreams, properly structured to your personal requirement! Most of my work is done behind the scenes, with the support of my office staff to insure that your transaction goes smoothly. This means I am always available by phone, email or in person! I am on your side and here to help you achieve everything you want in a loan and provide you with the upfront and on-going support you deserve.

All banks are not the same! This is a simple statement that many home owners forget when they are looking to renew their fixed rates, top up an existing loan, refinance an existing loan or buy another property. I can assist you to decide whether to break rates, set a fixed term, have a floating/ variable loan, or an interest only loan. And for those who this facility suits, I can explain the power of using a revolving credit facility to reduce your debt.

Also, my service does not stop at the initial interview. My excellent relationship with the lenders, assists me to negotiate a complete mortgage package for you. This may include discounted rates, waiver of fees or a quick decision – or even all of these things. The strength of my negotiations will largely be based on your circumstances and personal needs, but you can rest easy knowing that I am working in your best interest!

I have a Bachelors in Engineering and an Honours in Finance.

Refinancing Loans 

Refinancing: There are always good reasons for you to be loyal to your current lender, however, if you have a chance to save thousands of dollars by refinancing and properly structuring, it might be to your advantage. Refinancing your mortgage is something that takes careful consideration and discussion. The most important part of this is, is that if you are re-financing that you are in a better position than you would be if you stuck with your current loan structure. I am able to go through the calculations with you to demonstrate you the costs involved in changing home loans, as well as your projected costs over a set timeframe for both your current and proposed new home loan structure.

First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers: As a mortgage broker/financial advisor, I will advise you on how to use the financial structures to reduce your home loan faster. If you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant or any state government first home buyer assistance, I will assist you how to get the advantage of that.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans: Financing the build of your new dream Home can be quite stressful, especially in this current market. With my knowledge in Engineering and having build houses myself in New Zealand, I can point out the pit falls to you. 

Low Deposit Loans and Home Loan Deposits

Most banks and lenders will require a minimum deposit of 5 per cent of the value of the property you are purchasing, before they will approve you for a home loan. Depending on the lender and your individual situation, you may be able to fund your deposit from a range of sources, including genuine savings, monetary gifts, inheritances and first home owner incentives. However, most lenders will require at least a portion of your deposit to come from genuine savings, verified through your savings effort.

If you do not have the required deposit, you might be able to make use of family equity, also known as a limited guarantee loan. Or the other possibility, which I find very common, is where I raise the deposit on a family members home against their equity as part of your new home loan, generally around 20 per cent.

Property Investment Loans

Property investment can be a smart wealth creation strategy, where we use your equity in your home or other homes to get 100% lending. Thus, it does not just mean finding the right property – you need the right investment finance to go with the strategy. Your investment loan package should be tailored to your investment strategy and goals. With the structures, I normally work closely with your accountant in order to have the right structure. therefore, whether you are an experienced property investor with a bigger portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, I can help you get the right investment loan structured for your circumstances.

Pre-approval (Auction and normal Purchase)

Pre-approval: To have a pre-approval in your hand is a great way to ensure you know how much you can afford to pay for a property before you even start looking. A written pre-approval is a "must" if you require finance to complete the sale when you are attending an Auction. For a normal purchase it can provide you an advantage whilst negotiating on a property with a vendor, as opposed to someone who has no pre-approval or finance in place. For a pre-approvals, we tend to satisfy all conditions accept for (i) a satisfactory valuation on the property and (ii) a signed sale and purchase agreement acceptable to the Lender. In general, a pre-approval is valid for three to six months, and when providing the above two conditions, the offer will become a full loan offer.

Offshore Clients / Regional Clients

Offshore Clients: In this category, most clients are investors residing in different parts of the world. I can arrange loans in New Zealand for these investors.

Vendors looking to sell – Bridging Loans

Financing the move from one property to another can be quite stressful, especially if you are yet to sell your home – a bridging loan will help you free up the funds that are tied up in your current property to purchase your new dream home. With a bridging loan, your Lender will use both your current and new property as security and lend you sufficient funds to buy your new dream home. How does it work? While you are waiting for the sale and purchase process to be completed on both your current and new property, you make interest only repayments on the loan, or maybe even no repayments at all (referred to as capitalising the interest). Once you have sold your old home, the proceeds go towards paying off your bridging loan. The amount left over (known as the end debt) is then transferred to a standard home loan with its own structures, becoming the home loan on your new property.

Wanting to purchase a Commercial Building / Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans: Funds are available when you purchase a commercial building. The rules are completely different between Home Loan Lending and Commercial Lending. The Lenders normally require a higher deposit or equity for Business and Commercial Loans. Whether you are buying a commercial property, undertaking property development, expanding your business or need some cash-flow funding, assistance from an expert commercial finance broker will be invaluable, which I can provide to you.

Low Doc Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers

Many self-employed borrowers need a loan that isn’t quite standard, mostly because they don’t have the full financial history required and they do not fulfil the criteria for a standard Home Loan. Low documentation, or low doc, loans fulfil the needs of many self-employed borrowers.

I look after a wide range of areas including: The Whole North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and Auckland city along with other parts of the country 


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