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How to Tackle Decorating a Teenage Room

You just don’t get what’s cool. Remember thinking or daring to say that to your parents when you were a teenager? Be prepared to visit that place again if you’re a parent facing the challenge of decorating with a teen. Not sharing the same interests, tastes or styles as your kids is a healthy sign. […]

Improving Property Value with Street Appeal

A good first impression can’t be made twice. More viewings, a quick sale or quality tenants can all come down to the street appeal of a property. Once you’ve become attached or accustomed to the way your home or second property looks it can be hard to stop and think. It’s a commodity I want […]

Bathroom Renovations – The Basics and Beyond

So you know your bathroom is in desperate need of an update – but where to start? Planning, picturing and process is the answer to an inspiring result and stress free renovation experience. Living with a tired, dated or dripping bathroom can really drag the value of your property down. Yet the idea of embarking […]

The Best of DIY Renovations

If you are considering home improvements this festive season you may be considering the benefits of a do it yourself (DIY) project. DIY is not for everyone; in fact it’s not for most people. Here are some ideas to help you plan for your project and to help you decide whether to DIY or not […]