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Cooking up a Winning Kitchen

Kitchens’. They’re a love hate relationship. We love them when they work, but nothing evokes that special kind of hate like being stuck with an impractical, unattractive, hard to clean or just a complete failure in every kind of way type of kitchen. Effortless, smart, timeless and adaptable are probably things that feature in the […]

Shedding light on your home

Home lighting is about more than being able to see in the dark. It’s about getting the right light, doing the right job in the right spot – sounds simple enough, but there is always more to light than meets the eye. Essentially there are four artificial light types to consider – ambient, task, accent […]

Fun, Quirky and Versatile Design

When it comes to the finishing touches for a room why not by-pass the glass vase option and create a unique collection of decorative objects instead. Special objects that inspire, reflect your personality or inject a sense of quirky, curiosity for the viewer will be a rewarding and versatile way to complete your newly finished […]

Renovation Bliss

  Budget – it’s one word that strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of almost anyone with a renovation dream. Dealing with the dreaded ‘b’ word is not something most people are equipped to do on their own. That’s because renovating is not something most people do or pay for every day – let […]