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Three Rules for Healthy Eating

We all know there are a lot of rules or, as they are more leniently referred to as guidelines, for eating a healthy diet, but what if there were only three you had to stick to; three rules passed (and prosecuted on if not adhered to) for healthy eating? This was a conversation I had […]

Sweat It Out This Summer

Summer is the season to naturally detoxify the body with minerals, oils and trapped toxins released through sweat onto the skin’s surface. It’s the season that encourages everything in nature to grow faster, the time for increased cellular regeneration and repair. Have you noticed how much faster your hair grows at this time of year? […]

Coffee and Caffeine

Caffeine is addictive because it effects our central nervous system, and is referred to as a ‘mild stimulant’. If you’re a regular drinker and you pull coffee out straight away, you will experience withdrawals, the most common symptoms are headache (which goes away as soon as you have a coffee) and nausea. How much is […]

3.30itis and How to Avoid Binge Eating

We’ve all been there, you’ll find you’ve been good all week and it’s gets to 3:30 in the afternoon and you’ll fall off the band-wagon. Here are a few tricks to help you get through the afternoon. If it’s chocolate you’re craving, go for dark, or if dark simply wont suffice go for your favourite […]