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Sweat It Out This Summer

Summer is the season to naturally detoxify the body with minerals, oils and trapped toxins released through sweat onto the skin’s surface. It’s the season that encourages everything in nature to grow faster, the time for increased cellular regeneration and repair. Have you noticed how much faster your hair grows at this time of year? […]

Cracking the Coconut Myth

For many years we’ve shunned coconut due to its high content of saturated fat and energy load. Despite being a saturated fat, nutritional scientists have discovered that virgin coconut oil is used to make energy rather than being converted into fat. It’s quick to absorb, places less strain on the pancreas, liver and digestive system […]

Coffee and Caffeine

Caffeine is addictive because it effects our central nervous system, and is referred to as a ‘mild stimulant’. If you’re a regular drinker and you pull coffee out straight away, you will experience withdrawals, the most common symptoms are headache (which goes away as soon as you have a coffee) and nausea. How much is […]

Five Powerful Foods

When foremost Nutritionist Lola Berry and the face of Spirituality for today’s generation Spiritual Teacher Todd Savvas got together to share their passion for nutrition and spirituality it was no surprise that they found out some amazing and interesting facts to breathe new life into your food, life, and soul. Todd and Lola felt it […]

Sneaky Salt Offenders

New Zealanders are consuming more salt ten needed for good health. Here to pepper us with information about the world of salt is nutritionist Lola Berry.  Too much Salt? The Health Risks It’s important to know that we need salt to function, the issue is that in Western cultures we’re consuming way too much! High […]

Rules of Dieting Food Myths Revealed

Most people think that dieting means cutting out loads of their favourite foods so going on a “diet” can be either short lived or thrown into the “too hard” basket! The truth is, you really don’t have to cut out things like bread, fats and grains to loose weight! Bread The reason why most people […]