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Investor Hot Spots

Investing in property is a popular way for Kiwis to earn income and build wealth. Whether you want to increase your cash flow, grow capital or take advantage of tax benefits, LOCATION is crucial to your decision.

Things To Consider When Investing In Property

Property investment is one of the most popular ways that New Zealanders choose to grow their wealth, so it’s understandable if you may be considering it. If you are thinking about starting your property investment portfolio, here are some things to consider. Finance options No matter what your strategy and goals, there are many different […]

Investing in Property – Know Your Options

People chose to invest in property for a variety of reasons. Often they chose this avenue to build a retirement portfolio whilst they continue to work a full-time. Because having a life, a family,  plus a full-time role is enough to focus on, investors subsequently chose to appoint a property manager to deal with the challenges […]

New Years Resolution Investing

Many people love the ease that apartment living provides but it’s important you know what you’re investing in when it comes to apartments and townhouses. Buying a property that’s strata titled is very different to purchasing one that isn’t, especially for those intending to live in it. Michael Matusik says that there is an increasing […]