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Weighing Up Positive and Negative Gearing

There are positives and negatives to everything, including property investment strategies. If you are considering investing in property for the first time you probably have some questions around using a positive or negative gearing strategy. Like with all financial decisions, the best option is always dependant on your unique circumstances. When it comes to positive […]

How to calculate rental yield

If you are considering investing in property, “rental yield” is a term you have probably begun to notice popping up into conversations and readings around assessing a property’s investment potential. Here are some basics to help you understand what rental yield means and how to calculate it. The property investment dream is to secure a […]

How to Rent Your Property

If you are looking to rent out your vacant unit there are a number of things you can do to increase the appeal of your property to assist find a tenant. Like with most relationships it can also involve some ongoing maintenance to keep them and ensure that your investment continues to generate capital. If […]