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Five Powerful Foods

When foremost Nutritionist Lola Berry and the face of Spirituality for today’s generation Spiritual Teacher Todd Savvas got together to share their passion for nutrition and spirituality it was no surprise that they found out some amazing and interesting facts to breathe new life into your food, life, and soul. Todd and Lola felt it […]

Sneaky Salt Offenders

New Zealanders are consuming more salt ten needed for good health. Here to pepper us with information about the world of salt is nutritionist Lola Berry.  Too much Salt? The Health Risks It’s important to know that we need salt to function, the issue is that in Western cultures we’re consuming way too much! High […]

3.30itis and How to Avoid Binge Eating

We’ve all been there, you’ll find you’ve been good all week and it’s gets to 3:30 in the afternoon and you’ll fall off the band-wagon. Here are a few tricks to help you get through the afternoon. If it’s chocolate you’re craving, go for dark, or if dark simply wont suffice go for your favourite […]