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‘Tis the season for saving

Christmas is traditionally a wonderful time of the year, spent with family and surrounded by glitter and sparkle. But it’s also a time when we can see our bills and expenses climbing as far as the north pole. So, to keep the glass half full, let’s look as some simple ways to ease your financial belt this Christmas.

Make Your Mortgage Disappear Faster

When the reality of having a mortgage hits, don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to reduce it quickly. Your home loan doesn’t have to feel like a weight hanging over your head for the next thirty years – here are some tips.

Home equity loan basics

When buying real estate, you’ll be taking on one of the biggest investments of your life. But your property is likely to also be your biggest asset. While the brunt of these purchases are usually felt through repayment of home loans and mortgages being paid back across several years, a house is also an investment […]

How to manage your credit to maximise borrowing power

When it comes to planning your home purchase, how much money you have to work with will depend in large part on your home loan borrowing capacity. Essentially, this is a figure representing approximately how much you can expect lenders to let you borrow. There are a few things that you can do which may […]

Loan Market Takes on the Rate War

The current competition and bank discounting has caused possibly the biggest rate war New Zealand has ever seen. When comparing today’s interest rates to just one year ago when interest rates where at least two percent higher, it seems nothing but good news, for mortgage holders and those looking to purchase. So is it really […]

Introducing Economy Home Loans

In this edition I am excited to let you know about a new innovative and secure mortgage lender, Economy Home Loans. Whilst personal circumstances always need to be considered, Economy Home Loans provides some of the best value home loans on the New Zealand market today and offers great alternatives for first home buyers, refinancers […]

Why You Need Home Loan Pre-Approval

Getting a home loan pre-approval is one way that can make acquiring a mortgage a lot easier. There are a few advantages to this strategy and some of them are listed below. First of all, no matter how much you are thinking of borrowing, getting home loan pre-approval is worth considering. It can give you […]

Reasons To Keep In Touch With Your Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is an invaluable person to have in your life. Most people will approach a broker when it is time to buy a house, which is exactly what you should do. But even when your home loan has been finalised, you should keep your broker on speed dial because you never know when […]

Tips To Improve Your Borrowing Capacity

The world of home loans can be a bit confusing at first but it will all become clearer in time. One of the keys to unlocking your potential buying power is to find out about what your borrowing capacity is. There are a few ways you can do this. The first is talking to a […]

OCR unchanged at 2.5 percent

Last Thursday the Reserve Bank announced that the Official Cash Rate (OCR) would remain unchanged at 2.5 percent. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said: “New Zealand’s economic outlook remains consistent with that described in the June Monetary Policy Statement. “New Zealand’s trading partner outlook remains poor, with several euro-area economies in recession. There remains a […]