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Back on Solid Ground

Land and home damage from the September 4 earthquake left buyers and sellers alike on shaky ground. Time marches on however, and many affected people are ready to shake the dust off and get right back to where things were left. As the current situation may require a few extra steps to assist in the […]

Land Transfer Laws Get a Makeover

A new Bill to be introduced next year is set to make purchasing a home easier and safer by modernising and streamlining New Zealand’s land transfer legislation, the government announced this week. The Law Commission’s review of the Land Transfer Act 1952, contained in the report A New Land Transfer Act, proposes new legislation that […]

Population on the Rise

Births, deaths and immigrants have again lifted New Zealand’s population in the past year, a recent report from Statistics NZ has revealed. Of the 73 territorial authority areas, 68 had population increases, compared with 64 in 2009 and 59 in 2008. The report shows that of the territorial authority areas, the Selwyn and Queenstown-Lakes districts […]

Earnings Up

Average earnings in New Zealand have risen sharply in the past two years, a study of Statistics New Zealand figures has found. Real after-tax earnings have increased 8.7% since September 2008 – a significant improvement on the 3% total growth over the previous nine years. Trends had fluctuated markedly over the past 20 years, Finance […]

OCR at 2.5 per cent

At the end of April, the Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate (OCR) by 50 basis points to 2.5 per cent. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said that overall, developments since March point to lower medium-term inflation than previously projected. While global financial markets have shown some tentative signs of stabilisation since the March […]

Don’t worry (about money), we’re happy

New Zealanders may not all be high-rollers, but they’re more than happy with life generally. These findings and more come from a study on social trends by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The `Society at a Glance’ study shows that on the whole Kiwis are satisfied with their lives, ranking sixth out […]