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What you need to know about debt consolidation

When you have multiple debts, it’s not only a challenging task to keep them under control, it can become a big stress on you and your family. Managing different interest rates, as well as varying minimum repayment amounts and repayment due dates, can be overwhelming and most of all, expensive.

Is budgeting a bad word?

Budgeting. Ick. Just the word alone can be cringe worthy. I’m often asked for my top budgeting tips but it can be hard to get excited about. But perhaps it’s because we often look at what we’re missing out on rather than what we’re saving for.

Are you ready for refinancing?

There are lots of reasons to refinance your home loan. Part of making sure it’s a good time to refinance is determining that you’re ready to do it. As home loans are a significant financial commitment, you’ll need to be sure you can cope with the changes.

Take a Walk on the Bright Side of Life

If you’ve ever considered installing solar hot water heating the council’s Auckland Solar scheme makes it easy. Under the scheme, the Auckland Solar team do all the hard work for you - from installing the system to taking care of the building and consent application process. Additionally Auckland Solar is covering the consent costs for the […]