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What to Look for in a Property Manager

Managing an investment property means more than simply collecting the rent. Yet even if that were the case, property managers would still be a great resource for owners. As it is, they can take care of much, much more. This includes marketing your property, holding viewings, interviewing and vetting tenants, drawing up a lease, taking […]

Getting Home Loan Approval

There are many ways to put yourself in a better position to get the right home loan for your needs. With the Reserve Bank looking at introducing loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions it’s never been more important to put your best foot forward when applying for a home loan. The Reserve Bank see these restrictions as a […]

Tips to Increase Your Rental Returns

There are several ways you can increase your rental returns without costly renovations. Here are some cost effective ways that can assist improve demand and rent for your investment property.

Weighing Up Positive and Negative Gearing

There are positives and negatives to everything, including property investment strategies. If you are considering investing in property for the first time you probably have some questions around using a positive or negative gearing strategy. Like with all financial decisions, the best option is always dependant on your unique circumstances. When it comes to positive […]

A Warm Home At Cool Costs

Winter is certainly here and the cold has got me researching how to keep my home warm in an energy and cost efficient way. There are several options to consider so I thought I would share the key points to ensure your home stays warm and cosy this season too. Reducing draughts If your house […]

Get your home loan approved faster

Recently banks and lenders have seen a huge increase in home loan applications which is causing some frustration for buyers. So whilst the demand for home loans is high, here are some of my tips on how you can place yourself in the best position to be approved faster. The greatest opportunity to speed up […]

How to Relax and Enjoy Your Holiday

The count down to the start of our Christmas holidays has well and truly begun. After a year of running around, meetings, planning and increasing productivity we deserve a break. Heading to the family holiday cabin, an overseas trip or some time at home to catch up with family and friends sounds like just what […]

Tips to Survive Your Christmas Party

Christmas is almost here and the party season is now in full swing. For many groups, workplaces and clubs the annual Christmas party is just around the corner and the chatter is around what to wear, how good the venue will be and that embarrassing  someone who had a few too many last year. So […]

Top tips for selling your house

There are a number of tips to follow to ensure you achieve the maximum possible sale price for your property. 1.      Presentation A fresh coat of paint, well-tended gardens, minor repairs, professional cleaning and de-cluttering will make a big difference to buyers’ first impressions. 2.      Dress up your property for inspections To show the viewer […]