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Nearly half of New Zealand home buyers now use a mortgage broker to find them the home loan that is in their best interest. Every day, good mortgage brokers link home owners, investors and business people with the best finance products available from their panel of major banks and lenders. Talk to a mortgage broker about the home loan that is in your best interest today.

Reasons for using a Loan Market Broker

Loan Market brokers especially understand the real estate market. They use their knowledge of the home finance market and the assistance of specialised lending software to help you find the home loan that is in your best interest now, but with the flexibility for future changes.

A good mortgage broker is your home finance contact for life. They will show you what home finance is available from a panel of lenders including banks, non-banks and specialist lenders, then help you choose the right home loan, get it approved, settled and stay in touch afterwards. A good mortgage broker will also monitor your changing circumstances and the effect of interest rates and economic influences on your financial situation. And any time you need it, a Loan Market broker can also organise your personal loans, car loans or leasing and if you have them, business loans and leasing.

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