Think Outside the Home

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When it’s time to refresh and redecorate your home one of the best opportunities is not in your home. It’s the space directly outside. Considering your garden, courtyard or deck as an extension of the inside of your home presents many unique, creative, opportunities.

Always place plants or other decorative items so that they create a beautiful focal point when looking out your windows. Ensure privacy for your home and outdoor space by obscuring neighbors’ windows that overlook your space. Concealing anything that is man-made, or unsightly such as electrical poles, houses, or fences will add to the sense of wellbeing that a well-designed spaces create.

It’s important to make sure that all windows look onto an inspiring view, if they don’t, then it’s time to get creative and act. Think about using window planters to distract from an unattractive aspect and draw the eye to colorful flowers unusual succulents instead.

Lighting is as useful and important outside as it is inside. Light can be used to focus interest on attractive trees, or highlight dramatic foliage and diminish the impact of fences or adjacent buildings. The subtle use of lighting can be one of the best ways to provide excellent year round, night time views from the inside your home.

Green walls will serve to make your outdoor room feel more like a private extension of the house. Whether you are in a tropical, sub-tropical, colder or arid area opt for evergreen shrubs, trees, vines, bamboo, or other natural screening to line your fence. Creating living walls this way means the backdrop of your outdoor room will remain lush throughout the year.

Activities you or your family enjoys is an ideal way to personalize your outdoor living environment. A home of avid cooks can create attractive gardens combining herb and vegetable gardens with companion plantings beside the entry.

You might want an area to encourage you kids to play outside. Consider some well-placed large natural rocks for climbing and chasing games. Prepare for footy games by using low growing tough plantings as field and goal markers. Or section off an area with pretty low growing flowers as an ideal spot for tea parties, drawing or reading.

Decorate your outdoor room as you would decorate an indoor room. Oversized glazed garden pots are an ideal way to boost year round colour and combine well with sculpture or wall art.

Alex Honey, Sterling Interior Design 

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