Three Things to Consider When Buying Land

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Buying a piece of land and building on it is the ultimate home buying dream for many. Here are three things to bear in mind while you’re buying your future section.


Where you buy will naturally be the biggest concern – but how do you decide? There are many things to think about but you will need to start with your own goals and needs and your preferences as to the general area.

Consider your career and it’s mobility along with how far you are prepared to commute each day. Lifestyle is also a significant factor so think about your interests and hobbies to ensure that your new location will support them. If you enjoy outdoor exercise for example you may like to consider how close you are to local parks.

If you plan to build a family home, a kid-friendly neighbourhood might be a priority, as will proximity to recreation areas like parks and bicycle paths and also school zones.

More generally, keep in mind how far away the shops are, public transport options and routes and your access to other amenities.


If you have set plans for what you want in your house and property, it is critical to make sure that you are going to be able to carry them out before buying a plot of land.

Ensure you take the time to research council building codes and restrictions. You do not want any surprises!


There are many types of home loans, and with a house to build too, getting the right finance deal will be paramount. There are building loan options for example that can provide funding for building property or extensive renovations in a way that means you have the lowest possible repayments during the construction phase.

There will be a range of factors to consider so to get more detailed information on your situation, talk to me today.

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