Tips to Survive Your Christmas Party

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Christmas is almost here and the party season is now in full swing. For many groups, workplaces and clubs the annual Christmas party is just around the corner and the chatter is around what to wear, how good the venue will be and that embarrassing  someone who had a few too many last year.

So how do you avoid putting the ‘silly’ in the season and enjoy the festive evenings out? Here are my top ten tips to get through your Christmas parties and unashamedly into the holidays.

1. The first consideration (naturally) is what to wear? While it can be exciting to get dressed up for people you usually see in a more casual setting it’s safest to go for a sophisticated look.

2. Make sure you know how you are getting home before your arrive. Check if transport has been arranged by the event organiser. Otherwise you can plan to catch a cab or arrange a lift with someone who isn’t drinking.

3. Eat before you leave. If the event involves canapés only arrange to meet a few colleagues or friends first for a meal and arrive together. If dinner is provided it is still a good idea to have a healthy snack such as an apple and a handful of nuts to avoid the salty party food which can leave you thirsty.

4. Whilst it may be considered fashionable to be a little late for a party with friends, organised events usually involve a lot of planning so arrive on time.

5. If it is a work function, have a night off from the work talk. This is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues interests outside of work. It will make it easier to relax and will greatly increase your chances of having a fun night out.

6. The environment should be relaxed and fun but don’t mistake the event for a Saturday evening with your friends. Consider the audience at the event and tailor your language and jokes accordingly.

7. Know your limits when you’re drinking. Watch your alcohol intake and alternate alcoholic drinks with water, soft drinks or low-alcohol drinks. There are some things you don’t want to be remembered for.

8. Don’t complain about the venue, the food, team members or the office photocopier. These annual events are a chance to get to know the group in a fun and stress free environment so keep it positive.

9. This is definitely not the time to reveal your secret crush.

10. Leave before the party is dying out. Being the last one standing means you probably haven’t listened to any of our other nine points!

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