Where To Start With Home Decorating

Ann Foster Lounge room 258x164

Whether decorating a small apartment or a large family house, it’s best to begin with an overall colour palette that will be carried out in paint, fabrics, furniture and flooring conveying a consistent style throughout your home. Decorating can be an ongoing long-term process, so it’s best to have something of a master plan in place, so that adjacent rooms flow smoothly from one to another.

Thinking in terms of the whole house needn’t be seen as restrictive.  You can still experiment with moods – more formal in some spaces, more playful in others. You can modify it later on; deciding on a colour scheme for the entire home is especially helpful in this early planning stage.  It will direct your efforts and save you having to choose from among too many options.

Once you have your style and colour preferences in mind, tackle one room at a time.  If you concentrate on a single space, your efforts will pay off more quickly, and the results will be far more satisfying than if you take on too much simultaneously.  This one step at a time principle also allows you to refine your style choices as you see each room take shape.

A good idea to keep you on track it to create a mood board with pictures of things you love such as furniture, lighting and pieces of flooring, fabrics and paints colours.

Some clients ask what should I keep and what to replace?  When people have been in their homes for a long time we stop seeing problems in our homes, as we get used to our surroundings.  A good way to see your home in a fresh way is to enter your home as a visitor. Another very good way is to take a photograph of each space; this allows you to see the room with a fresh eye.

So which room are you going to tackle this month?

Happy Decorating & Enjoy!



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