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Zane Torkington

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Zane Torkington

Mortgage Broker North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland

Want to find the best way of organising your home loan?  Look no further.  Life should be fun and easy - all me free on 0800 11 LIFE for a free appointment.

You can be sure that I'll help you with the right advice for your home loan. Do you want flexibility, certainty, a mix of both?  Do you want to know the traps of dealing with vendors and agents before you start dealing with them?  Do you have the right financial and legal people available to support you in your new investment?  Do you want to be debt free as soon as possible and save loads of interest?  Let me tailor a home loan to meet your needs and strategy.  My services to you are free of charge.

Zane was fantastic in getting me set up for my home loan.  He has made it simple to understand and easy to deal with, and saved me a lot of time and money.  I am really glad that I decided to end talks with my bank and talk to Zane and get it sorted.  -  K. Shoemark, Ponsonby.


Don't stretch yourself too far.  Just because you have the capacity to borrow a lot of money, it isn't always a good idea to do so.  Having a loan that is easy to manage will save you a lot of stress and money in the long term.  Plan for the future.  Look at your life and major events that you can foresee in your future and structure your mortgage around these events.


Over the years I have organised many events that have raised money for charities such as Cancer Society and Oxfam.


My clients come from all walks of life, are all in different financial positions but all need hands on service.

From Investors, First Home buyers, Developers, Single Young Professionals, to Families, both young and old, I'm happy to help anyone that asks and give specialist advice to the situation that applies.  


Many customers tend to focus on the house they can afford, suburbs, schools, rates and repayments.  With a mortgage, it is a great time to review what would happen should your health or circumstances be affected.  Could you cope?  Have you budgeted for insurances?  I can help you get sound advice to help you protect yourself so you can service your mortgage in the long term.


I am constantly in close contact with real estate agents, accountants, lenders and solicitors to ensure your home purchase is as painless as possible.  In the journey of purchasing property, it's important to have the right people around you.  If you need help in any other area of the buying process, I can help get you set up with other professionals that will help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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  • Broker region: North Auckland
  • Suburbs: North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland
  • Zane Torkington provides mortgage broking services in suburbs including but not limited to: North Shore, Warkworth District, Hibiscus Coast, Central Auckland